FAQ & Common Concerns


“My house is the worst you’ve ever seen!”

This is simply highly unlikely! I’ve seen a lot. This is my job, and I do it every day in all kinds of houses and businesses. And almost everyone initially feels like their spaces are the worst.

“I’m embarrassed to show you my house, even though you do this for a living.”

Almost every client I work with says this, and I understand. But when we meet, you’ll see that I bring a truly non-judgmental attitude to your home. My focus is on helping you to make changes that make your environment more enjoyable for you in a sustainable way. Nothing phases me. I see big messes as an opportunity and a challenge, not as a reflection on you as a person or homeowner.

“You’re going to make me throw my baby blankets away!”

Not true! Our work together is not about forcing you to get rid of things. I won’t pressure you in any way, nor tell you to part with treasured items. Emotional use is just as valid as practical use. Nothing is throw away without your permission. Not even a tiny slip of paper or a single bead.

“I’m going to have to buy a lot of new stuff as part of this process!”

My goal is to help you use the items you already own in your new space. Your experience will not be like the TV home remodeling shows. We’re not going to gut your room and buy all new furniture–unless, of course, you want to. My clients are surprised at how their existing possessions get new life during our work together.