Services Offered


Home Organization

Together, we’ll evaluate your home and your needs, and come up with a custom plan to solve challenges and optimize for opportunities: All rooms, Kitchen, Home Office, Closets, Craft or Sewing Rooms & Garage.


 Kids are growing up – Each stage brings new interest ….first it’s toys & lots of them, sports, arts & crafts, baking & cooking, clothes & then make-up etc. What works for one age may not work for the next.

Busy Professionals:

 When you travel for work, it’s like you’re taking a small home with you wherever you go Organize your travel supplies and feel better about being away from home.

Career Change:

are you suddenly working from home? Is it comfortable & are you productive?


When a friend or relatives dies, you can have a huge amount of stuff come into your life suddenly. You may or may not have the space for these things.

Changing health status for yourself or someone you love.

You have a lot of paperwork to keep track of ….. Treatment, medication, appointments, and bills!


Paper Management

It is said that in one month a person receives more mail than your great grandparents received in their entire lifetime. We’ll work together creating a paper system tailored for you.


Whether it’s finally all yours again. Make your dreams for an art studio, craft room, scrapbooking room or workshop -whatever it is- come true. You can have it now!



Sorting and paring down prior to moving will save on your moving costs. Putting the right things into the right spots in your new house can make it feel like “home” from the get-go, and makes it a lot easier to set up and organize in your new home!

Space Planning & Remodeling

Maximize your space in your existing home or Plan your next remodel. If you prepare in advance, you can get the most out of the money and effort you spend on a remodel. An example is by getting help de-cluttering and assessing your kitchen needs before you order your cabinets, you’ll be sure that the results are exactly what you want and need.


Genealogy Organizing

I love genealogy and have many of my own genealogy projects, so I know first hand how the papers, files, and online resource can pile up and get out of hand. Let’s tackle your family tree together!

Collections & Creative Personalities

Do you love dolls?


Vintage camera’s?