What My Clients Say About Me:


Rhonda helped me tackle a job that had been waiting for several years. My garage had moving boxes from 2 years ago plus the remnants of our recent kitchen remodel. Her positive can-do attitude made the seemingly insurmountable talk doable and even a little fun. I wish I had known how quickly the work would go on the garage and I would have called her sooner. ~ Lynne


I feel a sense of relief with all the parts of the house we have reworked. I can find things easier and my unused things were donated. There is less stuff in the house to feel upset about. I would look at my stuff knowing I wanted and needed to get rid of it but not taking the initiative to get in the car and take it somewhere. Every time you leave I go back in the house singing because it is out of my life. I even go and stare at that area for a day because it give me such a good feeling. Gone, forgotten and don’t miss it! I have taken what Rhonda taught me and applied it to other areas of my life, like organizing the PTA closet at my daughter’s school. ~Kathy


Moving to a new house was exciting but I felt frustrated and very discouraged with my organizing attempts. Rhonda came in and helped me set-up new systems within my kitchen and mail center. Now things are running much more smoothly for our family. ~ Kristina


When comparing Rhonda to other organizers I have worked with, I really appreciate how diverse her skills are. She has made the space in three of my rooms more comfortable and usable by repositioning the furniture and art. She has an eye for color and has been extremely adaptable in meeting the specific needs of my family. ~ Leslie


Due to several transitions in my life my study had evolved into a chaotic room and it felt overwhelming to tackle on my own. Rhonda’s approach with me was one of kindness and humor and her mood and energy infectious! She had some very insightful ideas in regards to utilizing what I already had to serve a new purpose. She is wonderful to work with and I would recommend her. ~ Bonnie


Rhonda is extremely efficient and immediately grasped my situation. I had moved from a small home to a much larger home. She offered a practical plan for using the space in my new house in a way that I would have never figured out on my own. I would recommend using her services. ~ Barbara


We had a room that was filled with boxes of office supplies, electronics, teacher’s materials all jumbled together on the floor due to consolidating several rooms. We were unable to use the room and needed a teacher’s work area. Rhonda worked with all of us to define a new way of organizing this space and materials which improved our area dramatically. The area can now support high traffic use and the systems that she set up are easy to maintain. I very much recommend working with Rhonda, for getting dramatic results. ~ Alan

Additional References Available Upon Request